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zaterdag 01 december 2012
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Designed & Delivered has its own product: a set of 2 decorative, environmentally friendly sponge cloths. Thanks to the special properties of the sponge cloth and the appealing illustrations, these household wipes are not quick disposables, but sustainable, decorative utensils.
The dry sponge cloth is made in Sweden of natural cellulose and cotton, is 100% biodegradable, can absorb an amazing 15 times its own weight, is printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink and can be machine washed up to 90 degrees C. The size of the sponge cloths is 18 x 20 cm.
The set of 2 costs EUR 7.50 inclusive salestax, exclusive shipping costs (max. EUR 1.90). The sponge cloths can be ordered via my Etsy shop.